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Aminee Starlight is a famous singer and song writer from her world, member of the Isafaro Resistance and was one of the few who fought against Darkseid during Superwoman's funeral in Moon Valley. She is currently involved in the Grand Utopia storyarc in which Maricul is attempting to merge the worlds together and bind them to her will.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Aminee most notable feature is her heterochromia - she has one blue eye and one green eye. Her hair is wavy, barely reaching down the back of her neck and is chocolate brown in color. She is a short woman with a small frame that's well taken care of. Before coming to Genesis Aminee used to wear rather revealing clothes to celebrate her independence but after her time in prison began wearing dark baggy clothes that cover up her entire body.


Prior to being dragged into Genesis Aminee was very much consumed by her own fame and popularity, always wanting to be the center of attention and offended by those who actually didn't know who she was. Her philosphy was to live life to the fullest doing the things you enjoy and spreading your wealth as you see fit, which isn't a bad idea in itself but her selfish need for attention led to her doing many things in poor judgment. After coming to Genesis and being the victim of rape Aminee's personality changed completely. The young woman soon became conflicted and couldn't come to grip with what happened to her and move on. Even going as far as to attempt suicide but was unable to bring herself to do it. Although a member of the resistance she seems distant from the others and unsure of herself.


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  • Starlight is a reference to the Sailor Starlights from Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon.
  • The concept for Aminee came from Amy, who was inspired by the opening sequence of Final Fantasy X-2 where Yuna is shown singing and dancing on stage, hence why Aminee's playby is Yuna while also sharing many physical traits with the character.
    • This makes Aminee one of the two characters who use Yuna from Final Fantasy as their pic-base.
    • Ironically, they are also both played by Amy.
  • Her development was inspired by several pop singers and song writers, the main two being Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus.
    • This is referenced by how Aminee was discovered on YouTube (like Bieber) and was brought up through Disney (like Cyrus).
    • Ironically, the Pop Idol's actual performance style - which is never seen on DOA - is more based on Britney Spears.