Arix Himura
Armored Arix
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The King of Judgment, Rockstar of Hell


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Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Speed
Extreme Durability
Extreme Healing Factor
Ajerian Soul
Control over Fire


Umbra Olath





Arix Himura is one of the original Ajerian from the lands of Castillia. Arix humors himself as a retired hero and complains whenever anyone tries to get him to save them. However, Arix has spent the better half of his life wrecking anyone who claims to be the greater evil and will continue to do so until his dying breath escapes him.


Arix is of the Ajerian folk. He wasn't the first one from Castillia but he is the most famous of them all. He is known by many groups and is often the one person to show up late and finish the job quickly. Arix has contributed to the fall of the No Life King in Domino City and the fall of the Abysmal Army shortly after. Upon his resurfacing in Genesis he included himself in the battle for Hallowton taking out one of the Vulture's top weapons and sending the army back in retreat. His has been pinned to Queen Lori of Hallowton where he serves as one of her top generals and the trainer of the Hallowton resistance. Arix defended Hallowton against a demon invasion personally protecting the queen and putting an end to the massive demon known as Fluffy. He went missing and is pressumed MIA after travelling to Elim with his apprentice Amilia.


‘This story begins approximately 4,000 years ago, a millennium before the time of Sparda and beyond the gates of hell itself. It all began, in a small village on the edge of Lake Castilia where the sun never shines, and the darkness always prevailed. This is the story of Arix, a child who grows into a man, who grows into a knight…’

Chapter 1 Child of JudgmentEdit

Life wasn’t always fortunate in birth. Sometimes sacrifice was due, when it comes down to it, you’re not always fortunate. The child born under the silver moon was one such that was not fortunate. You see, Grindall, the king of Castilia had a prophet, this prophet told him of a child who would be born on this very night, a child who could lead his armies undefeated and force all his enemies to their knees. Grindall already had the most elite soldiers on the landmass at his disposal, but this was something he could not pass up.

The child screamed as it exited the womb. The father tried to force the soldiers from entering the house but was cut down. The mothers pleas were silenced by the a brutal set of stomps to her face against the wall, he stomped and stomped, her nose broke away into her face, her teeth shattered, her eyes fell from broken sockets, blood poured down her naked body, he kept stomping until a fine mush was left in the back of the remains to a skull. A hooded figure entered the room; its long fingers grasped the child and cut it free from the brutally killed mother.

Following the day a murder warrant had been placed, asking for information on who may have killed, Abel and Matilda Himura. The hooded figure knelt before Grindalls throne holding the child over its head. Grindall took the child in his hands and looked to his prophet who sat on the smaller throne next to his, she nodded, he looked down to the cloaked figure, “You are dismissed, Alvion.” The hooded figure stood, it was much taller than the six foot man standing before him and had a leaner build, it swiftly exited the room, Grindall smiled at the child, his crooked teeth and uncaring eyes examined the boy, “You will be my success. What is the child’s name?”  The feint whisper came from the Prophet, Arix.

The boy could walk before most children. He learned to make full sentences before he was three. When his body was ready to be shaped into a warriors build, he trained. By the time he was five he could wield small blades and he was both taught in the ways of tactic and advanced subjects most commonly found in high schools. By the time he was ten he could evenly match some of the best low rank soldiers in Grindalls army.  He was a tactical genius by this time as well. Grindall called for a council, his most elite soldiers in his army accompanied him into the grand hall of his tower castle.

The robed figure, Alvion, stood by his side towering over all the other men in the room. Arix came forward centering himself on the insignia circle in the middle of the room. Grindall spoke, “I would like you to cease all training you’re getting from my men, and you are to hereby start training under Alvion. He is the leader of my demonic force, my Judgment.” Alvion removed his hood, his face was mask like, pale white, his nose was nonexistent aside from two slits for nostrils, he had a thin mouth, and his eyes were sunken back behind dark circles. The color of his eyes were inverted, white pupils with black surroundings, he had little to no hair on his body aside from his arms and legs.

“Do you accept?” said Alvions static voice. The boy looked up to him and simply nodded. Little did he know, he had signed onto one of the hardest portions of his life. The Judgment were some of the oddest creatures he had ever come across, they were tall, lean, fast, and extremely strong. To make matters worse, they had a strong dislike of humans, him included. No matter what kind of training, the Judgment looked to break him, they challenged his human reserve. Were they to spar, he would spar with the most elite swords the Judgment had, Exion and Edion. The brothers would strike him with their blunt blades as hard as they could and try to force him to quit. They would bludgeon him with their bodies as well to wear him down, the only thing he had over them was his reaction time.

Though they were faster than him, he could come up with a plan in his head before they could land a blow and attempt to escape. It never mattered which brother he sparred against though, if he escaped the wrath of the blade he usually ended up on the wrong end of a striking session. But he never backed down, he never quit. Five years of torment and brutal beatings, he had turned fifteen, he was by Grindalls standards a man now. Even if he still was no match for a Judgment soldier he could now officially best almost any man in Grindalls normal army, with the exception of Grindalls best men.

Grindalls best mortal men could slay demons, they wore different armor forged from demon metal, and wielded weapons that were unnatural in design. They were massive in build, scarred up from encounters, and probably some of the most mean folks to walk on the continent. Arix stood before them all, Grindall smiled down at him, he had aged little in the past five years when he last saw him, he spoke, “I hear from Alvion that your training has seen much progress. I would wish to test this of course. But Alvion says you are not ready to prove your worth as my most elite.

“I will give you five more years to train under the Judgment. You will then face my most elite in a match to see if you are truly ready. If you are not, you will probably be killed in the battle. Alvion, please lead the lad back to his chambers.” Grindall sent them off. The two walked through the door and down to the under levels of the city, where the Judgment prowl. Alvion looked upon his young host, “I will not allow your death to occur. You are going to be properly trained. Before today, we were strengthening your body for the harsh style of Merjutsu, our style. The Judgment have garnered a respect for you as a fighter, you have never backed down, and thus, we will show you the true power of the blade.

“When you master Merjutsu you will be granted the usage of my blade, the Umbra, in your sparing match. With that blade and the skills you have learned from Merjutsu, you will truly be unbeatable to any man who stands before you in the tower. And I will ask of you a favor, if you would,” he waited for Arix to nod, “kill Grindall. And in debt to you, the Judgment will be.”

Chapter 2 Killian d' YahEdit

Exion and Edion had changed their attitude toward him. Rather than sneering at him they greeted with nods, Alvion handed Arix a sword, “From this point on, you will be fighting with an edge, Exion and Edion will no longer be holding back. If you are struck you will be cut, each time you feel pain, you will adapt to it.”

Months upon months, he clashed blades with the brothers, he missed, and he was cut. He missed, he was cut, he missed he was cut, he dodged, he was cut. It was a never ending cycle. At nights he would sit in the tub of healing solution feeling out his bruises and thinking on what he could change in order to match their speed, block, and counter. The following mornings he always ran along the fields, he would stop at a certain point and shadow box for a good 30 minutes trying to gather more speed in his movements. On his way back he would constantly sprint as fast as he could to wind himself out and keep at the run, ignoring the stitch in his side and the pain in his heels.

He would arrive back to the towers under levels and draw blades with the brothers. They didn’t taunt him anymore as they used to before training him. Now instead their cuts and his blood was taunting enough. He locked blades with Exion and drove his foot into his stomach, but the Judgment soldier didn’t feel it, he pressed forward and smashed his fist into Arixs face dropping him to the ground. For a moment Arix had lost conscious, but he was revived by Exion who had a smile on his face.

“Don’t force your momentum into your opponent, when I strike and you block use your momentum to draw yourself out of harm’s way and strike again. When I block use my momentum against me, but do not step forward, move back and strike again. Eventually one of us will have to make a blunder, when and if you see it, use your momentum against me,” he grabbed Arix’s hand and helped him to his feet, “Only use your momentum when you know you can harm me.”

Arix nodded and raised his weapon. Exion struck without warning, Arix blocked, he twisted his body backwards and blocked again, then maintained his place striking out, watching Exion block. He moved sideways countering a swing then brought his blade up blocking. It was then he saw the moment, he took Exions backside and hammer pressed his foot into Exions heel putting him at a knee then raised his blade to Exions throat who laughed, but he didn’t stay in that position for long. Before Arix knew it he had a hand pressed in his stomach and was on his left knee a few feet back.

“Excellent, there is improvement.”

The winter of the second year, Arix was able to keep up with the brothers and even land small blows on them. His body was covered in scars from his training, he wasn’t even 18 yet and he could kill just about any man who walked before him. Grindall’s prophet would put him to the test soon, she announced that Bridewell was staging an attack against Castilia, they were marching across the dark hills as they spoke. Grindall pulled Arix from his training and set him on the battle field. When Bridewells forces arrived he was of the first to strike in the Valley of Thorns.

The Valley of Thorns separated Castilia from the other cities of the continent. It was host to hundreds of thousand different sized poisonous spike sticking from the ground. And it was often used to have dead soldiers on the spikes to cause disease in the valley so that any who was wounded and didn’t care for themselves immediately would die in the coming days. The Castilians knew this of course, when they were wounded, even if it was small they would return to the back line of the battle field and get attended to by one of the several battle priests.

Arix was ahead of Grindalls entire army, even Grindalls best men couldn’t keep up with his speed. He dispatched four men with each swing and advanced forward steadily. Arrows couldn’t touch the boy with the current momentum he used. His swipes with the blade he used broke blade before it hit bone, he slew a path on either side of him, leaving the larger masses to be taken on by Grindalls army. Before the night was over, he had a kill count that dwarfed Grindalls best men. A night raid was inducted by the Judgment. Bridewells men were slaughtered in such a brutal fashion that none of them were recognizable as human.

Arix had battle attire going, most of it was tattered and torn red cloth on top of half of the armor the rest of Grindalls men wore. The only part of the armor that he wore was the bracers on his hands and feet, and the chest plate. The rest was removed to keep to his speed and not weigh him down. The red cloak was there to mask his movements when he did strike, it also made him look bigger causing soldiers on the other end to strike at an area that didn’t house anybody behind it.

Deep down inside he knew that the Judgment wouldn’t be that impressed by his onslaught, but Grindall was, this was good because it would get him closer to the king of Castilia making it easier for him to kill later. It was Arix who killed Bridewells commanding officer; he raised the head high above him the rest of the Castilian army roared in victory as Bridewells army withdrew. They fell straight into the hands of the Judgment in the Dark hills and were slaughtered by mornings rise.

He didn’t drop the head until he was before Grindall who clapped his hands excitedly, “Congratulations! I see your training has paid off, and that the prophecy is very well true. How many did you kill out there?” Arix said nothing for a moment then, “Two thousand five hundred and twenty two.” Grindall hadn’t expected an answer obviously by the look on his face, his eye brows were in different areas of his face as he said in a half tone, “You- you kept count?” Arix nodded.

“You did well,” said Edion brandishing his sword up, “Now I will teach you the ways of Merjutsu. There are multiple stances for this style, each of them has a name:  Sslig'ne, Thrityh, Bautha, Lac, Elgg, there are sub stances as well, such as, Bautho and Loc, those two are simultaneously used. Protect, Attack, Dodge, Seek, and Destroy, these are the meanings of these words, each sub category has another set of categories as well, for instance Bautho has Ku'lam, and Rei, which means, Rise and Fall.

“There is a certain process in using Merjutsu, for instance, you may only use Bautha after using Thrityh, in order to properly use it. But we adapt to the style and use it how we please, even if using it properly will make you more efficient in combat. Merjutsu is used with your body and your weapon, it was developed by Lady Amilia and her student Miroto, Miroto used a blade, and thus Merjutsu-Velve was created.

“In unison, Merjutsu and Velve can easily break down someone’s defense putting you on their offense. The style itself is renowned for blocking and countering. And only two people in the entire history have mastered the true form of Merjutsu, both of them became gods of combat. One being a Wolven Demon, another being Alvion.  Now then, you have three years to learn a style that took Alvion a hundred, ready yourself.”

Arix and Edion struck blades, in which Edion proceeded to sheath his blade and step back then draw it knocking Arix’s blade to the side, he drove his fist into Arix’s side then his knee into his face. But not before Arix twisted his body and lanced off Edions blade arm then stepped forward smashing the hilt of his blade into Edions throat. Arix easily imitated Edions movements against him. And the Judgment looked almost surprised. Exion laughed, “Impressive, his time on the battlefield has made him faster than you. Edion, step aside and reattach your arm, we’ll do this in a battle of mastery vs. speed.”

Exion stepped forward and Edion moved to the sideline, Alvion had a small smile on his face at Arix’s display of countering. He knew that Arix could easily learn Merjutsu with how he faced off against it. He also knew that Arix would shape it into something new, mastering the style and then some. Exion and Arix battled it out for hours, neither coming to a closure but both exiting the training area bruised and beaten.

By summer the next year, Arix had mastered the ground level of Merjutsu, he had gone so far as to be trained against a blade with his bare hands in order to understand the properties of fighting with a style that utilized bare hands and weapons. Alvion stepped forward and grabbed a blade, “Merjutsu, it is a style that makes your body rip itself apart slowly if used incorrectly. In our tongue we call it Killian d' Yah, Sword of God. Its wrath is only taught by a superior in skill, and such, you have surpassed Edion in speed, and Exion in skill. From here on out, I will teach you. You have two and a half years left before you face off against the demon killers. You better pay attention.”

Training with Alvion was very different than Exion and Edion. Alvion was much faster, and a lot more powerful. It was now clear why he was considered the best of the best in the Judgment army. No matter how fast Arix tried to be, Alvion tripled his speed and beat him down. Arix stood and swung, but it missed, he continued to try and hit Alvion, but all failed.

Arix put on the Castilian armor every morning and began his runs and his training sessions in the mornings. It was the only way he figured he could steadily strengthen his body was to force more harsh conditions on it. A year had passed. It was the winter of the fourth year, Alvion and he locked blades and broke away, Arix had become considerably faster in a years’ time, he still wasn’t as fast as Alvion, but he could stand toe to toe with the seemingly unstoppable force that he faced.

The days counted down. Alvion lowered his blade, “I believe you are ready to learn the final move.” He sheathed his blade, “Elghinnen Ktonos, simply translated to Deaths Slayer. Brace yourself.” Arix took the defense stance and Alvion moved forward faster than he could see. Alvions feet left the ground he disappeared once again then drew his blade straight above Arix, who moved, the utter power of what happened next caused the ground to explode where he stood. Alvion landed on his feet twisted his body and disappeared again, Arix was quickly on the move evading the attack several times.

Alvion ceased, “Do you see the weakness in the attack?” Arix nodded and responded, “It’s easy to evade.” Alvion smiled, “Yes. It is. But you see the strength behind it? Elghinnen Ktonos, you must catch your foe off guard, cripple them if you have to, but if you land this attack, there will be nothing left of their body.” Arix pondered a moment, “Why not just change the attack? Make it so you can use the power in a forward motion?”

Alvion shook his head, “It’s not that simple. The twisting motion of the jump with the sharp edge of your blade is what creates it. The Wolf of Hades has been known to create different variations in order to use the attack in different forms, but even she couldn’t attack in a forward motion, but above or in a jump. I want you to practice this move over the next couple of months. Once you learn it, you will have mastered the basics of Merjutsu. And then you will be ready.”

Chapter 3 The King of the AjeriansEdit

Years ago Bridewell had fallen to the Ainsworth brigade, Ainsworth had then went on to conquer Lathbury, Lunenburg, and Turlock. The Ainsworth forces were said to be unstoppable, holding onto the greatest slayers of the land and beyond to the 5 pillars. The only place left to conquer was Castilia. And an army marched on the Valley of Thorns. Grindall sent a message to Arix to be on the frontline, when he arrived the entire Ainsworth army was lined up on one side, Grindall was watching, he noticed a big change in Arix, he was standing there with a different look about him.

Grindalls men ran forward, Arix disappeared, the frontline of the Ainsworth army exploded from the impact of Arix’s blade fluttering through the air parting the molecules and sending hundreds to their death in one swing. His blade sheathed once more. “I will need no army,” he said loudly for all to hear, the Ainsworth men surrounded him and ran at him, he dropped his stance and drew his blade slewing a blood bath of men in one draw of his weapon, he burst forward in a clear run and cut his way through hundreds more. The day went on in a hellish battle, even as a human his stamina knew no bounds. Friendly and enemy alike began to fear the man standing before them.

Grindalls best man stood beside him, “Sir, I’ve never seen anything like that, I don’t believe even Alvion is that fast.” Grindall smiled, “Shukuchi.”


“It means god speed, when you’re moving so fast that everything around you seems closer than it actually is. Time itself seems to slow, thus why have a defense, if your foe can’t hit you in the first place. This is what you’ll face in a few months. Do you think you can kill him?”

“Without a doubt.”

“For your sake, I hope you can, because he will kill you and take your spot if you fail. Do remember, Shukuchi was developed in ancient times by a sword master named Naoko. She even created different levels of it. She was human.”

The night fell, Ainsworth were in the negatives on their kill to death ratio. For every kill they had 50 deaths. Arix continued to fight into the night, even at the disadvantage of his sight. The Judgment fought alongside him. By morning the power of five nations had fallen to Arix’s hand, he had no head to bring to Grindall due to the body of their leading commander being obliterated by the Maelthra Jess ulu Tail Thrust, the slash had severed the commanders head, and the smash of the hilt shattered it.

Grindall smiled at Arix, “Another victory, the prophet was correct, you will lead me to victory. Now then, back to your training, in a few months’ time your trial will begin.” Arix shook his head, “I’m tired of waiting, let’s do this now.” Grindall was always amazed at how emotionless the boy was, even when was told that if he failed he would die, “Are you sure?” Nothing replied but a nod.

Alvion, Exion, and Edion, all entered the room to watch the match between Grindalls best, a man who stood 6’5” and wielded the Dragon Fang, his weapon was taller than he was, and wider, it had slew the dragons that wandered the land, and had cut the underbelly of Lord Belials best. Alvion removed his sword and handed it to Arix, he moved forward and pushed his right foot out and rested all his weight on his left foot that was bent under him. He held his left hand out holding the blade and put his right hand on the hilt.

“Do not hesitate,” Arix said, “Or you will die.” In that instant he was gone, the man before him put his sword into the ground and blocked the hilt that smashed not only into, but through the unholy weapon, Arix continued forward and drew the blade, the sheer power caused the side of the tower to explode, what was left of the man was nothing but a bloody pit. Alvion himself was impressed, Arix had done something unheard of, he had made Elghinnen Ktonos a frontal attack. He had made Merjutsu a unique weapon of his own.

Grindall laughed, he was about to speak when Arix interrupted him, “You’re next old man.” Grindalls eyes widened but he smiled and lifted his arm up, holding a golden sphere. “This is how I control the Judgment, you see, long ago, they used to be a demonic race known as the Ajerians, but one of the lords of hell himself saw fit to end their species and enslave them inside this sphere. What I hold here, is the true power of Judgment.”

Arix let out a small laugh, “What I hold here, is the blade that will end your rule over these people. And the people of Castilia. And when I have severed that arm of yours, I will kick your face all the way through the back of your skill, like your men did to my mother. Surprised? Alvion has trained me for ten years now, do you think I wouldn’t find out?”

Grindall didn’t respond, mostly because Arix had disappeared and drawn the blade doing just as he said. Grindalls arm flopped to the floor, the sphere was caught by Alvion. Arix then planted the hilt of his weapon into Grindalls stomach following the blade which cut off both of his legs. He stomped on the side of Grindalls head who was pleading out for him to stop. Of course, he didn’t. The following morning the people were asked to come to a town meeting in the square of it all.

“My people,” said Arix, “Twenty years ago, Abel and Matilda Himura were murdered in their home. Their child was never found. I stand here before you, to tell you that justice has been served, and the Lord has taken Grindalls destroyed body to the far pits of hell. I am Arix Himura, son of Abel the Kind, and Matilda the Noble. I have slain Grindall, I have brought justice to my family name, and I have brought peace to your lives.”

The crowd cheered, and began chanting, King Arix, Arix shook his head, “I am no king, I am a warrior. I have only been trained as so. I will instead, wish you to choose the best man among you to be your leader, and I will serve them as their best man.”

To the people of Castilia he was their king. But his refusal led them to instate their rebellion leader, Father Aryama. Arix set out for the different cities controlled by Ainsworth to spread the word of Grindalls defeat, but when he arrived to the closest, Turklock, he found it in ruins. The same went for all other cities. Ainsworth had been set to fire prior to his arrival and none had survived. Exion and Edion appeared at his side, “Come with us. We will show you.”

They set out to the Great Ravine, an area shrouded in constant fog. It was said that somewhere inside the fog was the Tenth city, a place of madness, a place where all who had died go. When they arrived though, the fog was gone and the Tenth city was quite visible. They set forward toward the city and saw what madness was housed in the city itself. Reevers, demons of the black mist, said to be some of the foulest demons to ever be raised by Belial himself.

Arix gripped his blade but Exion and Edion both stopped him, “We cannot follow you into the City, we are dead, and thus if we follow we will become one with the city itself.” Arix nodded and responded, “its okay, I will do this alone. Return to Alvion, tell him that I wish for him to help defend Castilia dare I be defeated.”

Exion and Edion both nodded, though they didn’t want to leave their brethren behind, they saw that they couldn’t stop him from going forth and avenging the lives taken by the Reevers. Arix went forward and was instantly spotted by the Reevers, this was what he had hoped for. The beings could only be described as monsters. They had mutilated human hides for bodies, their faces were very skull like with jagged teeth, and their growls could be considered similar to a vicious dog.

They had crude blades that were easily shattered by Arix’s attacks. But they were still strong, and outnumbered him by seven fold. Even still he cut his way into the Tenth city and continued to battle on until they withdrew. His blood stained blade was wiped dry as he walked the streets waiting for them to attack again. Arix continued to fight even against the outnumbering odds. He became wounded and battered but he was reluctant to allow them to kill him and would not allow them to simply throw him aside without putting a good number of them to death.

But fatigue was kicking in. The Reevers began using hit and run tactics as they proved effective, his Castilian armor was broken, his blood was spilled, and he knew he would die now. He thought so at least. Sometimes sacrifice was due, when it comes down to it, you’re not always fortunate. Alvion’s blade erupt through the area, Arix fell to his knee and looked up seeing the cloaked figure, “But… You will be trapped here.”

Alvion nodded, “Perhaps, but I will not allow my brethren to die here. Stand up and fight, it’s going to be a long one.” And so it was. They fought their way into the castle of the Tenth City, where together they were outnumbered and getting beat down, Alvion looked to Arix, “I have an idea!” Alvion sheathed his sword, “Rei de' natha Yah, the Fall of a God.”

His blade was drawn; the force of his attack shattered the building they were in. As a result though, his body was torn apart, but the numbers were leveled to less than half. The city itself began to crumble. Alvion’s blade landed before Arix. His words spoke out, “Take it. Wield it… Become it… Become, an Ajerian. Wield my sword, inherit my power, my mind, my skills.” The Reevers were drawing in close, Arix had no choice, he reach out and took the blade with his left hand and turned to face the demons, but they had stopped and backed off, his entire hand was on fire, the pain unnatural.

Before he knew it he was lifted into the air, his mouth open and screaming, his eyes glowing with bright light, his throat glowing as well. His scream shattered reality itself and before he knew it he was in a kneeling position on the ground, smoke rising from his body. The Reevers hesitated to move, when he looked up, one eye was burning red, the other coal black.  His left hand was burning with a red power, he discarded his weapon, and took the Umbra into his right hand.

Alvions voice spoke in his head, “You know what I know. You are what I am. You are the King of the Ajerians, death here, is no longer an option. Level this city and give the people of this land their lives back. Kill unto them, as they killed your kind. Make Belials legion look like shit.”

Each strike he took was unnatural, they spread darkness and left behind hundreds dead. Arix lifted his left arm up at Alvions queue. From Castilia they could see the explosion that left the Tenth City in ruin. A day later, Arix had returned, his red cloak around him, Alvions blade at his side, and his glowing hand burning through the night. The Judgment met him at the gates to the city, and learned of Alvions downfall to save their brother. The Ajerians crowned he himself as the King of their people.

As for the continent, it’s now known as Castilia, with the capital still striving, it is led by one of the descendants of Aryama, and the land is always home to the Judgment and Arix. Even if he hasn’t been there in over three thousand years.

Chapter 4 Cutting through the Legions of HellEdit

It was a thousand years after the fall of the Tenth city and the land of Castilia being reunited with heaven and separated from the underworld when Arix resurfaced in the underworld. He was like the Ajerians now, he was immortal, he possessed their skills, he possessed their language, and he saw the world in an unbiased format. He was in its entirety, a being crafted from the dark.

Arix and the legion of Judgment had entered the gates to hell in order to face against Belials army. Belial was the cause to Castilias problems, Reevers would attack them every so often and he had protected them generation after generation, and finally he found their gateway, underneath the ruins of the Tenth City where Abaddon was said to reside. But no such truth came from that legend, only a portal to Hell resided.

He had left Edion behind in order to protect the people of Castilia in his leave, and would fight a thousand year war in hell. His first step was digging a hole into hells foundation by conquering one of the many fortresses. He staged the attack while Exion led the men in. Arix alone went head first into the onslaught and slew as many demons as he could. The Ajerians followed his word even if it meant they would die, they followed him straight into the deepest pits of hell.

His first encounter with the Reevers in hell was at his conquered fortress some weeks after taking it. The Reevers stood no chance against the Judgments tactics, no matter how they attacked the Judgment were placed in such ingenious positions that every scuffle took no longer than minutes to complete. And Arix stood atop his fortress with his arms crossed watching as the battle continued on.

On the other end of things Exion began scouting out Belials territories occasionally getting into skirmishes himself, but he was the most skilled warrior in the Judgment and easily picked off his adversaries in combat. Arix pressed forward on his attacks. He led the Judgment to the underworld city of Akakor where for several days and nights they battled against numerous members of Belials army. Before it was over Arix had taken hold of most of the population of demons in Akakor and added them to his army. Their numbers were more than enough to drive Belials men out of Akakor and add the military resistance to a list of Arix’s men.

R'lyeh, a city of demons that not even Belial could control soon accepted Arix’s terms of battle and joined his cause. This was done in an odd way. Arix entered the city alone against the wishes of the Ajerians, knowing that him being alone in any part of hell was risky due to him being human. But he won over the demons there by setting up trade routes to Akakor, and promising that if they joined his side he would free Norumbega from Belials grasps and open up more trade routes there. In the end, R’lyeh was won over by the thought that their foundations could become better than ever thought.

With the combined might of Akakor, R’lyeh, and the Judgment, they took Norumbega by storm. It was an easy victory as they attacked from all sides and had help from city resistance. But soon enough would Arix learn that they had yet to even reach the underbelly of Hell. Paiti, a massive city of demon lords, once stood on the verge of the layers. You’ll find nothing but legends about Paiti today, and the legend would go to say:

                ‘Two long nights and a wall of fire separated a human from conquering the city. Before it was over, nothing but dust resided on the ground. From his arm, a powerful explosion gave forth, his army disappeared into smoke, and the foundation was all that remained. Not a soul alive, and the underbelly of hell came forth.’

He entered a rather vast and empty set of lands upon his victory. The ground was laden with bone and corpses from a battle not so long ago.  The Judgment was in for a hell of a ride. Belial had stationed some of his better men here. And on the void of the third layer. Arix was bound determined to fight his way to the very end if he had to, but something about this place scared the demon followers he had gotten. He would soon find out why.

The two armies clashed several times in the valley connections to the open lands. He would join each of these scuffles in order to ensure that few on his side die. Exion was ordered to continue on, on his own and send messages back to him via the Baskerville hound he had accompany him. Arix would continue his siege of land and fortresses killing many of Belials commanding demons from minutes to hours depending on how ready his foe was. Along the way while traveling he had one of the demons teach him how to play songs on the sting instrument the demon carried. When they camped he would practice while the demons sang drunken songs.

By year three of his conquest in hell he came across a settlement called Almaida, it sat on a water mass and was controlled by General Andune, Belials top soldier in the second ring. The siege of the town took a month to complete. Andune was very capable of holding the town from the inside, but soon food became scarce, and the people who lived there began lashing out at Andune’s men. Eventually the walls crumbled, and Arix took hold of Almaida.

Andune took retreat toward the last place in the second ring he thought would be safe, the lost city of Belegost. In hell, Belegost used to be a large wall city that was until the demons opposing Belial followed Arix and destroyed the wall. This came at a price. Arix had to face things that were fifty times large then he was, demons that easily stepped over the side of the wall to combat his forces. The losses were many, but Exion came through and pulled forces from the other side of the second ring to combat. They overcame the wall in a months’ time, doing battle across a few hundred miles on and off.

Andune personally battled against Arix. He brandished his hammer and put up a hell of a battle, but Arix himself came to admit that he wasn’t using any of his Merjutsu style on the demon when he killed him. Several siege engines were constructed to destroy the wall and make easy access into the third ring. Arix’s men sat on the edge of it facing off against massive demons every other day. He came to learn what atrocities hell had in it, and accepted that he may not have the power to put an end to Belial, but his struggle wouldn’t be unseen.

The voice of Belial came forth, “I welcome you into my realm. And I will gladly accept your challenge. Go now! Abaddon!”

Chapter 5 Behemoth No MoreEdit

Towering over the wall, Belials most renowned warrior. He was made of molten rock, and had a war hammer the size of a small house. Abaddon was everything a juggernaut demon should be.  He was large, he had a huge weapon, was made of lava, had a fierce roar, and he by himself made most of the demons begin their retreat. But Arix stood his ground, he waved his hand dismissing the judgment, “I will do this on my own.”

The General Abaddon spit fire across the ground, his plot to incinerate Arix was failed when a blade was cleaving into the side of his face, and down his front, he swat at him but to no avail did he remove the tiny swordsman from his body. No instead Arix continued to cleave through molten rock and fiery pits. Finally Abaddon hit him off and sent a wall of fire towering toward him crashing down when it came close. Arix had burst through it easily, his left hand glowing with power, he jumped and dodged a swat, then smashed his fist against Abaddons chest cavity blowing a hole through him.

The demon reared back and smashed into the wall crumbling a section of it, he rose up, molten blood fell from his wound splashing across the ground. Arix switched hands with his sword then reared it up and swung it, what lanced off was pure darkness, it hit Abaddon, it smashed into the wall, it caused hurricane force winds to shatter through both. Abaddon flailed his arms, his hammer hit the ground and toppled over, he was utterly annihilated by the sheer force of the wind itself.

Abaddon crumbled over, the wall fell. The crowd of demons cheered him on, they had feared Belial because of the Juggernaut class demons, but the sight they saw, amazed them. The Ajerian stood alone in a dust storm, everything had gone dark, and a rain began to fall. Belial himself emerged from the third realm of hell. Belial was very human looking, aside from his eyes. He had bronze skin, blond hair, and a very handsome face. The thing that set him apart was the pure black eyes.

“You stand before me, defeating my best men, my army, and uniting the lost folks of this realm. You killed my Reevers, killed Andune, Killed Abaddon, does your feats know no bounds? Do you know defeat?”

Arix smirked, “I cannot lose. If I do, then my home, and these people’s homes will be lost. Your execution of nature cannot persist. You killed my people, and my families people. And now, I kill you. Irony.”

“If you can,” Belial said grasping a rune sword from his side. The runes on the side lit up and the sword mutated into something much larger, much more powerful. He swiped with the blade and the ground parted from an unnatural invisible force. It was as legend said it, Belial was the master of combat, he was undefeated and didn’t have to cut a foe to mutilate them. He was, a lord of war.

Arix grasped his blade more firmly in his left hand, the blade’s true power was tapped, Alvion grasped it once more, it sang out. Blades collided with impact that forced the demons in watch to move back. The Judgment swarmed the area as the two smashed blades into one another endlessly. They lanced off one another without harming either. They were just as fast as each other, just as strong, and just as skilled, it all relied on who made the first mistake. And it was Arix, Belial was able to avoid one of his strikes and move back then swipe his blade, the pressure cut into Arix’s stomach and sent blood across the area in a spray.

He dropped to a knee and placed his right hand across his stomach, blood ran down his lips. For the first time the Judgment had lost faith. But Alvion wouldn’t allow his defeat, he wouldn’t be allowed to fall here. His unbiased nature wasn’t allowed to be ceased. He was a Human, he was an Ajerian. He was undefeatable. Belial didn’t know what hit him, Arix had risen and forced his knee into the demons stomach, he had his head under his right arm and was choking him. Belial tried to pull back out of it but Arix kicked his foot into the demons knee breaking it then lifted harder into Belials throat and twisted separating the vertebrae instantly killing him.

Silence for a second, Belial dropped from his grasp and thud to the ground, the crowd cheered on, but Arix dropped forward onto the ground, he had lost a lot of blood. It took a moment for him to regain his breath when he was turned over and a medic healed his wound. He sat up and sheathed his blade, the demons on his left and right helped him up and congratulated him, but Arix wasn’t listening, he walked forward and grabbed the Rune Blade with his left hand and raised it up, the runes seeped away and the sword turned to stone, Alvion absorbed the power of the blade.

The day was one of celebration, for most. Arix and the Judgment on the other hand entered the third realm of hell and hunted down the remaining forces of Abaddons army, any who would rise up and challenge them. He knew not of any further realms. Instead of returning to celebrate, he went all the way to Belials castle, and inside it he found a way to re-enter the human realm, but he entered it in an unknown area, unlike Castillia, it was more urban, made up of rows and rows of houses, a roman empire.

The Judgment crept in the shadows, Exion came forth, “My lord, what should we do?” Arix stood there for a moment and smiled, “Relax, and enjoy yourselves, take some time off, we’re in a new land, consider this vacation from war for a little while. I’m going to lay low and find out what I can about this place.”

Exion returned the smile, “As you wish,” he turned around and walked into the shadows. Arix felt the presence of the beings slowly fade away from him. Alvions voice ran in his head, “That was kind of you. You are further gaining their respect. Soon they will follow you not because I am part of you, but because you are their leader. Regardless, Exion and Edion will follow you even if the others won’t. What do you do now?” Arix shrugged, “I guess, I should find out what this place is.”

Chapter 6 Make Way For the Rock Star of HellEdit

Two thousand years passed, the events in hell eluded him. He traveled from Rome to Greece, and from the Middle East, all the way to the Tundra of Russia. His travels Went to China, Japan, and across seas to the Unfound lands. He dragged the Judgment all the way to Mexico, and further down into South America.

On his travels he made sure to visit hot spots of demon activity where major demons gates once stood. At one point in time demon activity had been so high that hundreds of thousands of small demon gates opened up across locations. But then the demon activity became almost extinct overnight. He was amazed at what the world possessed to him, but his search for Castillia was coming up vein. He rode on many ships, and voyaged through seas so dangerous that he nearly lost his life many times.

It was funny to him, how he could face and kill many demons and yet the sea nearly kills him. Either way. Castillia was never found. Another thousand years would pass, he would romance himself with life, enjoying immortality and enjoying how he could be a new person every hundred years by changing locations to another land. He had only one maiden in his lifetime, she lived life knowing what he was, and that he would never die, but she was embraced by him, and loved every part of who he was.

She died after living a long life of youthful looks, but her body gave away in the end, her mask of beauty left her. Near the end of the 20th century Arix formed a band in America, they were known as, “Blind Retribution,” a Hardcore/ Death Metal band. They traveled from city to city playing gigs. Royce on Drums, Abby on Guitar, Andy on Bass, Dunn on Backing Guitar, and Folly on Keyboard. A couple days before the No Life Kings massacre on Domino city they had played in the area that barely stands there anymore.

The drummer tapped the Hi-hat with the sticks three times and clashed them together. The Guitarist strummed down hard and Arix growled out for several seconds in one strain. He took a breath and roared. The guitarist began to hit a solo that winded down into the intro that was played by Dunn, “Explode!” The guitar continued on for a few seconds then Arix growled out, “nourish this flame its been built on the ones we hate! Never knowing a last cry destined to bleed, gates of fire come back brutality beat down, with a vengeance of taking you!” He paused, “I can't, I could not wait for your death!”

Arix slows his tone to a more steady growl, the band plays more hard, “lets face this, lets face this, GOOOOOOOOOO! Lets face this fucking defeat, lets face this fucking defeat lets face this fucking defeat lets face this fucking defeat.” He speeds up his tone, “All that I must know is was it all worth taking my life, gates of fire come back brutality beat- dooooown, with a vengeance of taking you out in the dark of my eyes to the front of blade, when I was cut off it faded away,” the instruments fade slowly then only the guitar plays a steady strummed line, the drums kick back in hitting hard on the kickers, “Nourish this! Hold it close! Nourish this! Don't ever let it go! Remember remember to…”

He continues to growl but at the same time yells, “SLAUGHTER YOUR ENEMY! SLAUGHTER YOUR ENEMY! SLAUGHTER YOUR ENEMY! SLAUGHTER YOUR ENEMY!” Abby hit’s a solo playing high and low notes at the same time, “Just kill the liiiiights! I just can't wait- just listen why I just can't wait I'm buried alive!” The guitar note drags out until it dies out, the crowd cheers out.

Chapter 7 ReflectionsEdit

Arix stepped into the scene firstly annihilating the No Life King and halting his rampage. He would continue his work filling in the missing spot at the Devil May Cry. His ventures sent him against the strongest hell could throw at him, from the Hollenhund Ookami Kasami, to the very Abyssmal Army. Arix was only defeated once, having his armor and sword destroyed. He set off to the pits of hell to reforge his weapon and armor into two pieces using both parts from his destroyed armor and blade. Together the blades were named Umbra Olath and Umbra Ssussun.

He never stepped on the surface during the war against the Abyss. It wasn’t until the near end when he arrived and faced off against Amon. He was armorless, bare chested, only wearing the remnants of his red cloak around his waist and a pair of jeans. Something burned differently in him though, the usual red fires that burned from his eye were blue, the Ajerian arm was no longer armored it had become more human and easier to use.

“I’ve heard your name Shackled Lord, and I am here to finish you before you can set off to rebuilding this shattered army.”

He had no allies now, it was certain that the Keeper was felled and that most of the Abyss army was routed by the forces of Earth and the Devil May Cry, but even now he couldn’t be sure who survived and who died. The Judgment finally felt its master’s power and circled the area.

Amon laughed and raised his hands pulling forward the orbs of destruction and death respectfully, “you abandoned these people. Just as Dante abandoned them.” Arix shook his head and raised his blade, Amon continued, “You are no better than any man who has stood before or behind you. You are a worthless pup compared to me. I have faced the council and proven the might of my power, what have you done lately?”

Arix didn’t reply right away, he raised his sword over his head, “I’ve relaxed, ate pizza, taken a few naps, and looked at a few porno mags. You know, enjoyed life.” He twisted his body slashed with the sword and watched as the area before him lit up and exploded. Where he arrived next was clearly different than what he expected. He kneeled down and touched the crystal surface of the ground and then slowly stood looking around.

“Exion,” he said, but there was no reply no Judgment at his side. Arix walked to the edge of the crystal and looked over it down into the maw of darkness. He turned around and walked to the base of the crystal and stepped onto solid grounds, there was nothing around him for miles, but he would set out to explore this strange world.

For the time he stayed invisible to all. It took a lot in him to remain neutral and inactive through all the battles and the ever changing plot of things. He wasn’t ready to step into any kind of light. But something changed his mind. The reports were that a man who clung to the darkness and set out destroying parts of the city spread many rumors around. He wasn’t sure but he believed it was the No Life King.

It’s not like Arix just walked straight into the light, he began preparing. Firstly he needed new armor, secondly he needed to find old contacts. That's when Arix marched into Hallowton during the invasion from the Crimson Vulture and aided in pushing back the Vulture army. Arix settled into Hallowton and began training recruits which he would lated name the Judgment Corps. He and Sparda began training them before he chose an apprentice. Her name is Amilia. 

Later Arix would be seen defending the queen from the demon Argosax, in two moves he would cut the demon down and be on his way heading for the massive demon fluffy which he hit head on with his strongest attack leaving nothing behind. Arix returned back to training where he began a short stint in training Sazan before he and Amilia ventured across the sea to Elim.

Chapter 8 The Fall

Arix and Amilia arrived a week after their departure. They would instantly run into elves and aided them against bandits and thieves coming from the Dead City. Arix devised a plot to head to the city and make it known that any who raided the villiages would meet unfortunate endings. When they arrived he found out why they called it the dead city. He and Amilia went to war against legions of zombies and undead knights until they were overwhelemed and Arix forced Amilia to leave. Amilia reported him MIA.


His powers stem from his left arm which harnesses the soul of Alvion, the Judgment who bound to him. With the arm he could create shields of energy and fire blasts of power from his hand. The binding to Alvion allowed him to control the power of fire.


  • "One way, or another. I'm gonna getcha, I'm gonna find ya."
  • "No hard feelings or anything, but why the fuck are you here?"
  • "You might know his name, they called him Alucard, Dracula, Vlad, The No Life King, many different names, he's the one who has done most of the damage to Domino actually, took the wrong end of my sword to the head."
  • "Just a couple rules on my end: don't touch my guitar, don't sit in my chair, and don't touch my desk. My sword and armor, touch it all you like, but don't be surprised if you touch my sword and I break your arm."
  • "Not to pry or anything, but I'm multitalented, my sword style balances blade and body, power and mind, and my voice breaks away at the resolve. Not to forget either, that I'm damn sexy."
  • "It's Rockstar 'of' Hell, I'm from Castillia, get it right."


  • Arix Himura was originally my character on Dead Sight, he was the brother to Sazon Himura and son to Hija Himura. He was an experiment with amplified strengths.
  • The first time Ajerian Arix was presented he was evil. Ajerians were what was created from Judgment rather than todays lore.
  • I flipped a coin heads Arix would be Good, tails Arix would be Bad. It was heads.
  • His playby on Endgame was a random image I found, his playby on DoA is Arthas.
  • The sword Arix used was based off the Elderscrolls sword, Umbra. It shares the same names, originally the first and second generation of Umbra for evil Arix absorbed the souls of those killed, however good Arix could control darkness a nod to Umbra's black design.
  • Arix has been my main character since 2005. He's had about 13 recreations, his original playby was Calintz from Magna Carta. On Final Fantasy Advent Darkness he was known as Arakus. 
  • The original Arix along with Sazon and Hija were descend from the Himura bloodline from Rurouni Kenshin. The only one to show sword skill similar to Kenshin was Arix since he was the main one to use a sword. Sazon lator develoed sword skills and Hija remained blowing things up with rockets. Now Himura is just there in his name as a keepsake and a nod to old days.
  • Arix speaks fluent English, German, Russian, Drow, Elvish, and Demonic. He also speaks Drunk, Bad English, and Angry Irish.