The Council of Legion was a group consisting of six exceedingly powerful demons formed shorty after the defeat of Mundus at the hands of the Devil Hunter and Son of Sparda, Dante. Their goals were similar to those of the Prince of Darkness; the eradication of humans and destruction of the dimensional barrier seperating the mortal plane from the demon world. Each member of the Council of Legion neared or surpassed Mundus in terms of power. Together they formed the single most feared demon commune in existence and were the primary antagonists of Devil May Cry: Endgame.


Contrary to Mundus who ruled over his spawns as supreme ruler, the Council of Legion had no distinct leading figure - instead each of the six demons ruled over a specific circle of hell - and each official decisions were taken via the concensus of its members. Each member was free regardless to take decisions within their jurisdiction if they worked in accordance with the goals of the council.

The MembersEdit


Dranex was the youngest member of the Council of Legion. Regarded as a perfect demon, Dranex reached the apex of his evolution - making him an extremely difficult opponent to face in battle. Possibly the most fervant of the six members, Dranex idealism would fuel the council's cause in the underworld. Arrogant and powerful, Dranex was a natural and respected leader.


A rarity among her kind as an Ookami, Kasami was a disciplined and unparalleled warrior. She was the last to join the council and also the least interested in its goals, though the group itself intrigued her. As one of the oldest members, her actions were regarded in high-esteem.


A nihilistic and frightening force, Validus was recruited by Tajna Rasha. Validus' power manipulated life around him in such a way that he could decompose living beings in an instant, killing them. Convinced humans are a plague, he sought to consume the mortal plane to elevate his kind to their rightful place as rulers.

Tajna RashaEdit

One of the council's more prominent figures, Tajna Rasha was known as a voice of reason and a ruthless calculative mind. He also recruited some of the other members, earning him greater respect than most. Though the Council of Legion did not have a sitting ruler, Tajna Rasha's opinion was held in high-regard and decisions would generally sway how the Ghost of Legion saw fit.


The most cruel and sadistic of the council members, Tousoku was a uniquely powerful demon due to his ability to warp reality with a deck of magical cards. Tousoku was the first to join the council along with Tajna Rasha, though did not share his collegue's altruism: His reasons for joining the Council of Legion were for personnal gain - climb the hierarchy of the demon world and eventually claim the throne as the Emperor.