The Ginny in her natural environment.

"I'll put a toothpick in your pancreas!"

The Ginny is a very strange species known for bringing the "Sugar Apocalypse" and all forms of chaos to her friends due to copious amounts of sugary substances. One must take note of the red hair, freckles (they are legion, for they are many) and her tendency to seek more souls to devour to add to her "collection". Also, don't mind her random ramblings, because she's known for doing that for no reason whatsoever. Also, she has a collection of wigs and a small dog--she's easily inspired. She also likes to draw.

Role-Play HistoryEdit

  • Started role playing on a site called "It's All in Yer Mind" when she was sixteen.
  • Moved to "Sins of Impunity" at eighteen.
  • Met the others in the group at age nineteen. Frosty introduced her to Guillaume, Ayen, Eric and Arix. She eventually met Kasi and Queen of Horror (She likes that nickname better!)
  • Frosty introduced her to DMC and the first role play forum entailing the game. That's when Amoura was created.
  • Ginny did a lot of site hopping, gradually improving her role playing, but Amoura always followed her wherever she went.
  • Many forums later, Ginny landed on Dead on Arrival. Wooooooooo!

Notable CharactersEdit

  • Amoura the Night Angel


  • Definitely not a diabetic. One would expect that.
  • Yes, sugar has a huge affect on her. Huge. Very big. Sparkling Cider is like gasoline to a fire.
  • Every time someone nearby shouts "Gay!", she gets buried by flowers. Please be considerate of your resident ginger and don't shout "Gay!"
  • Mind fuck? Been there. Done that. TOTES WILL DO IT AGAIN!