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The Kasul



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Consumes souls which can then be used for different attacks.


  • Tajna Rasha
  • Maricul




The Kasul has earned itself a reputation as the fearsome weapon of the Empress of Jherrazad over the centuries' worth of adversaries that fell before it. Its power is unrivalled within Genesis, striking fear into the heart of those knowledgeable of its somber history. The Kasul has the innate ability to devour the souls of those that are cut by it, providing both a physical and magical means of attack. The process by which the Kasul consumes the essence of its enemies is extremely virulent - with victims feeling a high degree of fatigue and experiencing a significant loss to their power after only a few cuts. When used to impale, the sword latches itself upon the spirit of its prey and not letting go until it has been fully absorbed, always yielding fatal results.


  • Ranko
  • Chloe


  • In its previous appearances the Kasul originally had a conscience and could speak within the mind of its wielders, taunting and threatening them.
    • While this concept hasn't been seen either by Ayen or Chloe after the weapon was reintroduced on Dead on Arrival, the weapon has been addressed by both Ranko and Chloe simply as Kasul as though they were naming a person suggesting that the conscience within the blade may still be in tact.
  • The Kasul's design was made by Gui in collaboration with Ayen.