Lady Marian Woods, Private Investigator


Marian Woods







Special Abilities

Empathetic abilities- Able to read or feels people’s emotions around her.


Pistol and various knives.


Born to a successful Hallowton private investigator and his adoring wife he met on a case. Marian inherited her father’s curiosity mixed with her mother’s sensibility, though at the age of ten both her parents were surprised when the young Marian came to them crying after a visit with the mother’s Father. Unable to stop her tears, the frightened child asked them how long they knew that her Grandfather was dying. Not sure how she knew, Marian explained how she had a odd feeling around ‘Grandpa-Pa’ all day and still the emotion plagued her, later that day the Grandfather died of a heart attack. After that incident she was put through several different tests all helping to improve her empathetic powers, on her sixteenth birthday Marian began following her Father on several cases helping solve them by ‘reading’ the people as she called it. Finding that she enjoyed working with her Father on his cases she started reading more about her talent, learning different ways to sense people’s true intuitions. This of course led to becoming a social pirraha among people her own age, thus leading Marian to live a quite life, mainly spent in her room working on of all things a bug collection; not enjoying their daughter’s quite nature and sheltered lifestyle her father came up with an idea. Associating himself with a few witches and scientists, they came up with a headband that would block out people’s emotions and thoughts from Marian. Only by removing the silver band would she be able to use her ability. Now living on her own and running her own successful P.I. office, Marian lives happily in her modest apartment located above her place of work.