Sailor V
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"V is for Victory!"


Soldier of Truth & Justice









Notable Powers

Enhanced physical attributes, accelerated healing, energy beams


Battle Chains, Holy Sword

Universe of Origin

Sailor Moon



Sailor V (Minako Aino) is a native to Genesis born in Moon Valley who's life changed forever when given a magical locket that unlocked her powers as Sailor V turning her into a superhuman now in search for the Moon Princess on Genesis and tasked with the objective to ensure peace in the lives of her fellow natives living in Genesis.


Becoming Sailor VEdit

Mianko was born and raised in Moon Valley, Jherra as an only child. At the age of eight she and her family adopted a cat named Artemis, who had a bandage on his forehead, at the local animal shelter and brought him home. Minako removed the bandage to reveal a golden moon crescent underneath and looked at it curiously. Realizing that it didn't come off Minako left it alone and didn't give it a second thought.

At the age of fourteen Minako would attend Moon Valley Junior High and begin noticing boys, and boys began noticing her too. Around the same time Minako heard a voice in his room but for the first couple of weeks going into Junior High she could never find out what the source was and shrugged it off at first as just her dreaming. Until the night she would catch her cat speaking into a strange communicator device.

Her cat could talk.

Artemis explained that he was sent here from the moon to search for the rightful heir of the Moon Kingdom, believing that a place called 'Moon Valley' would be the ideal place to start searching, and that's when he was captured and put into the animal shelter. He then decided that he would need help in his search and offered her a locket which would transform her into a superhuman warrior that would be able to defend the city from the evils that lurked near the area. Minako gladly accepted and that's when she became Sailor V but her time would not yet come.

For two years Minako would train under the guide of Artemis while starting high school, learning how to master her new abilities and the weapons now in her possession. After two years her patience would begin to wear thin, while expressing thoughts of joining Superwoman when she first rose to the public Artemis said she was not yet ready to begin her journey as a superhero. During the Isafaro siege of Moon Valley she would again attempt to transform into Sailor V only to be stopped by Artemis. This act would repeat itself during the Doomsday and Darkseid attacks when she felt her assistance was needed the most. No longer being able to take it, Minako decided to take up her mantle without Artemis even knowing. Transforming into Sailor V and fighting crime in secret.

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