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Woman of Steel


Kara Zor-El/Kara Kent











Notable Powers

Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, invulnerability, super hearing, super/freezing breath, X-ray vision, heat ray vision, flight



Universe of Origin

DC Universe



Superwoman is one of the main protagonists on Dead on Arrival; an agent of Truth and Justice with strong moral convictions that she never betrays in order to face her enemies. Though she was born on the planet Krypton she considers Genesis her only home.


Physical AppearanceEdit


Kara is a kind and gentle soul who often dreams about falling in love and settling down with a family. Idealistic, optimistic and usually has to be the one to break the ice with a joke or snappy one liner. Kara can be a determined young woman who borderlines on sheer stubbornness and will do anything in her power to help people, especially when it's her friends and loved ones that are involved.



Kara Zor-El was born and raised on the alien planet known as Krypton but at the age of two the planet faced total destruction and in an attempt to save their daughter, Kara's parents placed her into a space pod and sent her flying off just before Krypton was destroyed, making her the one and only known survivor of the planet's destruction. Kara would crash land on Genesis just outside of Moon Valley where she would be discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who has been wanting a child for a long time now. They saw the baby from space as an answer to their prayers so they adopted her and named her Kara, Kara Kent.

Kara befriended Tori Jacobs at a young age and was later introduced to her other friends through her. For the longest time she was forced to keep her abilities secret from everyone, even to her closest friends, but as she gets older and thinks about what she plans on doing with the rest of her life the guilt of keeping this secret away from loved ones were to great to bear now. Against her parents wishes she sets out to tell Tori what she really is and prepares to learn how to control her unique abilities against the supernatural forces that threaten Moon Valley's very existence.



  • Superwoman is a retelling of the Superman story through the Kara Zor-El character, based on John Byrne's Superman.
  • Superwoman was originally going to be named Supergirl but was changed to symbolize the rise to maturity upon using her powers to protect and serve the public.
  • Superwoman pic base has changed from random drawings from the comic books, to SUPERMAN/BATMAN APOCALYPSE depiction of Supergirl and is currently the New 52 series
  • Superwoman is one of the only characters - along with Maricul, Amoura and Tajna Rasha - to die in-game and return to life.
    • This is a reference to the Death of Superman Storyarc in the DC-canon.
  • Superwoman currently stands as the only character to interact with The Creator directly in-game.