The Queen of Horror

Valerie Monica aka The Queen of Horror is a member of Dead on Arrival and several other forums. She started her role playing career in 2003 and has been on and off role playing ever since. She is a fashion designer and a movie advocate of horror, but that's not where she gets her name from she literally lives a horror life style.


  • Debut in 2003 on the Vampires of Night
  • Resident Evil: Dead Sight in 2005-2006, 2008 third run
  • Became a member of Sagas from 2006-2013
  • Fable Fantasy 2006
  • Final Fantasy Advent Darkness 2006
  • Trios Hogwarts 2006-2008
  • It's all in Yer Mind 2006-2007
  • Star Wars RPG Relm 2007
  • Dragon Ball CC 2007-2008
  • Final Fantasy Convergence: Broken Worlds 2008
  • Joined Devil May Cry Endgame 2008

Notable CharactersEdit


More Horror

  • Sazon Himura 2005 - 2011
  • Lulu 2006
  • Ali Le Mort 2008
  • The Professional 2008
  • Jessica Shepard 2008 - 2011
  • Jessica White 2013-


  • Works at a haunted house every year in October.
  • Designs most of her costumes for it.
  • Is known for creating abominations that strike fear into the most powerful characters.
  • Co-created Resident Evil: Dead Sight and became a founding member of the team.
    Yay scooter


  • Often plays human characters.
  • Adopted the name Queen of Horror sometime after 2007
  • Lives in New York, New Orleans, and soon Chicago. 
  • Can spend 6+ hours in Starbucks using their wifi and drinking their coffee.
  • Does all of her graphics such as Signatures, Avatars, and forum graphics.
  • Her favorite Horror movie is: The Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Runner Up: The Original The Thing.
  • Listens to a lot of music, depending on the day she can go from classical piano to goregrind. Her favorite band is: In This Moment