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Summoning, healing


Summoner's staff

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DOA AdaptionEdit

While all of Yuna's history and abilities from Final Fantasy X remains the same, the events of Final Fantasy X-2 were scrapped entirely in favor of another aftermath where Yuna got heavily involved in the rebuilding of Spira and helping people come to terms with Yevon being a false god.


Final Fantasy XEdit

Yuna is the daughter of High Summoner Braska who is famous in Spira for defeating Sin and bringing about the Calm an event where the monster Sin does not wreck havoc on Spira for ten years. The task would cost Braska his life and leave Yuna without a father at the age of seven. Her mother’s whereabouts, unknown. After that she was taken to the island Besaid where years later she would decide to follow in her father’s footsteps, despite friends objection and became a summoner at the age of seventeen. That was when she met him.

Tidus was his name and he claimed to be from the city of Zanarkand even though it was destroyed years ago. He promised to take her there even. They set off for Yuna to accquire the other Aeons she needed to defeat Sin alongside her friends and guardians; Wakka, Lulu and Kimahri. During their journey they met up with an old friend and guardian of Yuna’s father, Auron, who offered his services to Yuna and later a relative of Yuna’s, Rikku. They would learn that everything they knew was a lie but Yuna insisted on pressing on, believing in the Calm but when she found out what was required for it she refused. With her friends they found a way to end the vicious cycle that has befallen Spira and brought about the Eternal Calm but it came at a terrible price. They had lost Auron and the man she has developed strong feelings for, Tidus.

Dead on ArrivalEdit

After the events of Final Fantasy X, Yuna became a High Summoner like her father and took a position of leadership to unite all of Spira under one banner while rebuilding the homes that Sin has destroyed. For the first time in eons the people of Spira never again had to worry about the wrath of Sin. On her eighteen birthday in the midst of peace in Spira as the rebuilding continued would a strange tower appear in Bevelle. Lady Yuna went to investigate and found herself being pulled towards a bright light. Unable to resist it the High Summoner found herself crossing the threshold between universes and appearing in Genesis.

Power and AbilitiesEdit


  • Yuna was originally portrayed by Ayen before being adopted by Amy.
  • Yuna is one of the two characters (the other being Aminee Starlight) to use Yuna from Final Fantasy as their pic-base.
    • Ironically, both characters are played by Amy.